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Here at Bay Vista Property Management, Inc., we are well-versed in the creation of highly-effective management plans personalized to meet our clients’ goals. We pride ourselves on offering caring, responsive and dedicated management services to both property owners and tenants. Our clients can rely on us for help reaching their goals while navigating the rental market across the greater Berkeley, Contra Costa and Alameda, California areas.

We are a small family owned and operated company with extensive experience in this industry. Our team works well together to best serve our valued clients every step of the way. We handle every aspect of the management process to ensure property owners can net great returns on their investments. The tenants we serve are offered excellent quality of service as well to ensure everyone remains satisfied with their rentals.

We maintain open lines of communication with our clients to keep everyone involved in the management process. If problems arise with the rentals, we promptly dispatch our repair experts to handle the problem while keeping our clients informed about the process. We always remain dedicated to the satisfaction of our clients while overseeing the performance of the rental properties under our care.